Haven't hired a videographer for your wedding? Paper Hearts have got your back!

For couples that want the essential moments professionally captured, without spending thousands of dollars on a videographer or tasking a friend / family member with the responsibility (and possible technological failure!).

Paper Hearts have created a simple, truly unique videography package, Vows + Speeches. The package covers your most important moments, including:

- Ceremony Highlights (aisle, vows, readings)

- Reception (speeches, first dance)

Please note, if there are any other key moments you would like captured during the ceremony/reception we'll be happy to discuss including these for you too.

Seamlessly cut together, you'll cherish these memories for years to come and be able to share this with friends & family, even those that couldn't be there on the day.

*Currently only available in Melbourne with Amelia+Ryan*

Video Example

The below example (1 minute 25 seconds) has been cut down into bite-sized snippets so that you can see the finished product without having to watch the entire speeches (approx 30 minutes).


What equipment will be used?

Using the latest technology, Paper Hearts will capture the video footage (Canon DSLR Camera + Go Pro Action Cam) & audio (Zoom Field Recorder) to create a professional HD highlights reel for your wedding that is crisp and clear.

When do we receive our finished video?

We will deliver your finished video approx 1-2 weeks after your wedding :)

Is this available as a stand-alone service?

Not currently, this is only available in conjunction with our entertainment packages.