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MC Ryan _ Smith & Archer Photography

Paper Hearts offer professional MC (emcee) services in conjunction with our wedding music packages.


Don't Let Uncle Bill On The Mic

The MC role is a very important responsibility, not to be taken lightly. So why not hire an experienced professional, one of our awesome acoustic musicians or wedding DJs, who knows exactly how to guide the couple and their guests through the evening based on their vast wedding experience + confidence with public speaking.

Client Liaison / Point of Contact

The Paper Hearts MC will be there to ensure your reception runs smoothly from start to finish, liaising with you (the marrying couple), all of your vendors (photographers, videographers, musicians etc) and venue staff throughout the evening, as well as keeping your guests not only informed but also entertained in the process.

Example Announcements:

Below are some typical wedding reception MC announcements. We can of course add/subtract as much as you like to this list - it's purely an example:

* MC welcome

* Venue house rules

* Wedding Party Entrances

* General announcements (reception timeline, photobooth, guestbook, next day plans etc)

* Introducing each guest speaker

* Formalities such as Cake Cutting, First Dance + Parent/Child Dance, Bouquet/Garter Toss

* Inviting all guests to hit the dance-floor

* Announcing "last drinks" at the bar

* Farewell arch/circle

* Final thank-you's + congratulations

* Guest departure instructions


Our Custom 'MC Info' Form

We'll gather all of your MC details via our information form prior to your wedding and we'll curate the form with our team, adding our personal touches to ensure an informative and unforgettably fun night for you and your guests.

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