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How to choose the right music for your wedding?

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Music really sets the atmosphere and tone for those key wedding day moments, such as your ceremony aisle song or your first dance during the reception… so it’s crucial to choose great songs, that suit you – the marrying couple.

Our advice would be to choose songs that are meaningful to you as a couple, that reflect the mood you would like to create in that moment. This could be something fun/playful or really emotional/serious depending on your personalities, the style of wedding you’re having (winery vs church, traditional vs modern, large vs small etc) and the desired effect you would like the music to have.

Both styles can be just as memorable. We’ve performed some really goofy first dance songs with funny dance moves that we (and no doubt all of their guests) still remember years later, as well as many epic tear-jerking un-choreographed slow ballads.

If you’re struggling to choose the right songs for your wedding day then we’ve got the solution for you – a hot bath, a bottle of wine and Spotify! Throw on Spotify with your partner and work your way through various playlists in search of something that speaks to you both. Have a think about any songs that stand out in your relationship, perhaps there was a song that was played when you first met, or on a memorable night out/holiday together that you recall.

You can also ask your wedding entertainers to offer their advice/feedback, they will no doubt have a list of songs that they’ve performed that work really well with their sound/style. We often look on YouTube for cool/different versions of songs that can make a song that everyone knows sound totally unique and uber-memorable (for example, Sleeping At Last’s cover of ‘500 Miles’ is beautiful).

Cover song ‘Stay Alive’ by Jose Gonzalez, performed by Paper Hearts / Photography: Smitten Wedding Photography

5 things to consider when choosing your wedding music…

1) Meaning: Does the song mean something special or speak to you as a couple? This can be as simple as you both just love the song.

2) Location/setting: Are you in a barn, winery, beach, church etc and will your musical choices work well in that space?

3) Live vs recording: Have you choreographed a dance where you’re too scared to dance to anything other than the recording you’ve been practicing along to at home? Or are you freestyling it or having only very basic dance moves and want it performed live?

4) Booked musicians: Does their style/sound match your chosen songs? Are you happy for the live musicians to put their own spin on it or should they stick to the original as closely as possible?

5) A custom song: Does your booked artist offer songwriting services as well? Perhaps you can’t decide on a song and would prefer one be written for you personally? Some vendors (like us!) have a package option where they can write and/or record clients choice of aisle or first dance song and put it to their professional wedding photos. And, of course, perform them live at the weddings. Here are some examples of us in action.

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