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Fun ideas for your reception 'wedding party entrance'

The 'wedding party entrance' (if you're having one) can be a really fun start to the reception, and can help so we thought we would share some ideas to get those creative juices flowing!

Having a song for each pair/group can really add some humour and personality as well - LMFAO anyone?!?!

There are many ways to enter with your wedding crew, such as:

1) Have all of the guys come out together, all the girls come out together, and then the couple

2) Have the whole wedding party all come out together, and then the couple

3) Have everyone come out in pairs and plan a little fun dance move (bump hips, do the shopping trolley, moonwalk etc)

4) Give everyone some fun props (crazy sunglasses, hats etc)

5) Have a staff member waiting on the d-floor with a shot (or pretend shot) or champagne glass or drink of your choosing

6) All come out at the same time and do a fun + simple/quick dance routine

Have your MC ask everyone who is able to stand/clap/cheer to really hype the moment, maybe even swing a napkin in the air depending on how into it guests will likely be!

Thanks for reading as always and we hope you found this article helpful xxx

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